Doom Legacy

Doom Legacy is a special add-on operating enviroment that gives new life and a new degree of depth and playability to the doom saga. It gives doom a new "Modern" Look, feel , and playability. Doom Legacy is also known as New Doom and/or Doom 3.

1. Mutiple screen resolutions for better graphics and adaptability for play on modern systems.
2. New and enhanced music and sound effects
3. The ability to play CD music while playing
4. A greatly enhanced Multiplay capability with chat, similar to that of Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, and many other games, and support for play over any modern network or internet connection.
5. Gives the game new graphics to support real time enviroment reactivity such as damage to walls and surfaces after weapon discharge, smoke trails, blood splatters, and much more.
6. Works with all Doom Releases (Doom Shareware Version - Ultimate Doom Full Version and Doom 2).
7. Supports the -file command to play any other user made levels (wads) you may have. (Note: If you use the doom1.wad file from the shareware verison of doom (doom19s), then the -file command is not supported.


Doom Legacy requires one of the original doom or heretic wads to function. This means you must have one of these games in any version in order to use DL. Here is a link to download the Doom ShareWare if you do not have any other Doom or Heretic Title conating one of the wads listed below. DL Enhances whatever game or games you have. DL also requires DPMI, if you get an error saying you need to get "csdpmi*". You can download it below. You useally get this error running DL in DOS alone on older PC's. If you run DL under windows 3.1 with win32's or later. You should not get this error.

Download (2.3 Meg)

Download csdpmi* 16.4 Kb

Any of these wads from either the sharware or comercial versions of Doom, Doom2, or Heretic will work with DL: Doom.wad, Doom1.wad, Doom2.wad, Tnt.wad, Plutonia.wad, Heretic.wad, or Heretic1.wad

ScreenShots of Doom Legacy
This Doom 2 running without Doom Legacy

Here is Doom 2 running Doom Legacy on the same level as shown above. Notice the Blood Stains, Damage to the walls caused by rocket, and the smoke trail left by a rocket. This is just a very small example of DL's abilitys.

Give it a try for yourself, download it, and let the fraggin' begin!!!
Download Doom Legacy for your OS Here

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